About us

"Always Remember Shopping Is Cheaper Than A Psychiatrist!"

Just like you the team here at GroovyRoost.com takes delight in the quirky, the weird & wonderful and the things that make you (and your friends) go 'Wow... that's great where did you get it?'

That was our thinking and it's why GroovyRoost.com scours the globe, hunting down the very latest knick-knacks, gadgets, gizmos, glad rags, tools, toys and more, to add a little 'groovy' into your life.

 We search high and low for designs with a difference. Products that inspire and okay... that are sometimes just downright crazy!

From Britain to Brazil, China to Chile, Tokyo to Tonga, we scour the world looking for the 'coolest stuff you can buy', then make it available to you through our little bit of digital distraction on the world-wide web.