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Eagle 3D Kite

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Soar the skies like an eagle!

Unlike a traditional kite made from a flat wing, our Eagle 3D Kite is printed and shaped to create a truly three-dimensional structure.  With a wing span of 78", it really is a Mighty Eagle,

It has a three-dimensional head, torso and wings which gives it a realistic look from any angle. It's wing feathers are intentionally cut to shape instead of painted on like most cheaper kites, so during flight you will hear the sound of flapping wings as wind passes under, adding another dimension of realism. 

This kite will provide hours of fun for either your child or the child in all of us! 

  • Size 78 in x 31.5 in
  • Age: Over 6 years old
  • Material: Nylon
  • Warning: Only fly it in a safe place