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English Oak Apple / Ball Bird Feeder

  • $84.95

Keep our feathered friends happy!

This solid english oak bird feeder is created from steam bending a single piece of oak. Full surround perching area on both sides for easy feeding will encourage your feathered friends into the garden throughout the year.

These feeders are designed to have as little environmental impact as possible. The wood is sourced from local sawmills and the fire to create the steam for bending the Oak is generated from the tiny offcuts and sawdust.

Designed to be used with an apple, 2 small fat/suet balls or 1 large fat/suet ball with a surround to allow for water run off and for birds to perch.  It hangs with a stainless steel hanging wire and adjustable clamp to hang over a hook or loop round a tree branch (allen key included),

This stylish bird feeder would make a perfect gift for garden lovers or anyone who wants to brighten up an outdoor space.

Handcrafted in Suffolk, England.

  • Material:  Oiled Oak finish (non-toxic to birds and their food)
  • Size:    25cm x 15cm x 8cm (excluding hanging wire)