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Flower Pot Brush

  • $24.95

Our freakin' fabulous flower pot brush will put you in a good mood the next time you have to tackle your stack of grubby plates.

Washing the dishes can be a pretty boring task and especially if you don't have the right washing up brush to lighten the mood. That's why we've brought you a dish washing brush that exceeds all other scrubbing brushes.  

So ladies (and gentlemen, of course) step up and embrace the flower power next time those dishes are calling. The high quality, tough bristles of our kitchen scrub brush will help you get the job done in no time and the funky flower theme will bring a splash of colour to your kitchen.   It lives in a handy holder for extra sponges etc,  which can be free standing or has sucker pads for wall mounting.

Kitchen brushes don't need to be just another tool for your cleaning, our fresh and fantastic brush and holder can be a decorative feature in your home.


  • Material:  Plastic
  • Size:  26 cm x 12 cm