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Retro Pixel Art Smart Alarm Clock and Speaker

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Have your alarm clock manage your life with this retro style smart pixel art clock and speaker.

This amazing little clock can wake you up in the mornings with up to 14 different sounds or even your own message and even shows you your local weather!  Also has a professional sleep aid to help you snore the night away.

The full range Bluetooth speaker has 6w bass dynamic compensation for deep and rich sound. Become a DJ with the built-in mixer.

Make and share your own pixel art, it has 16*16 pixels and a 256 full RGB self- programmable led screen.  You can create any pixel images and animations by our app, just draw by your fingertip! We also have a pixel art community on the app, with an online gallery, create your unique pixel art and share with others. Traditional animation characters, game characters, superheroes, and emoji, more than you can imagine!

Via the app, you can also schedule your daily life, get onscreen social media notifications, voice memos and play traditional pixel games.

Size:  4in x 3in